so i started reading.

the (in)famous sic drink coffee (religiously revered in my household) started it’s journey at yemen, during the mid 15th century. history tells that sufi monasteries were the widest users of the drink, and they used to drink coffee during their night-long prayers for getting more energy to stay awake, and ummm on prayer. this is how I passed through university so it seems legit. though there are diverse controversial concepts regarding the coffee-history, some plausible evidence shows that a mufti of aden named shekh jamal-al-din al-dhabhani first applied the coffee-recipe in 1470. the foremost coffeehouse of  bean history called ‘kaveh kanes’ was established at mecca in saudi arabia. within the next (16th) century, the fame of this refreshing drink extended to the other portions of the middle east, like medina, constantinople, persia, damascus, turkey, bagdad, etc. kind of like cocaine in the 1980s. in 1511 mecca’s main dude khair beg banned coffee, FOR SHAME!!!! but one year later the ban was taken off and coffee got back it’s groove.

it gets a bit murky here as some historians claim that coffee was first discovered in the arabian peninsula, there is strong historical evidence that coffee beans were first used in ethiopia and they were exported to Yemen later by the traders. it is believed that kaldi – a goat boy (great ancestor of randy-pan the goat boy) living in highland ethiopian forests – first noticed the pupil-dilating awesomeness of coffee beans and then later this drink got admiration in the monasteries. having recently spent xmas in bavaria i noticed that monks burdened with time were keen on many vices, the other big one being beer making, it’s all win. coffee faced ban this time from the orthodox church of ethiopia in the late 17th century. after almost two centuries the ban was lifted in the late 19th century, luckily the rest of the world was already all up on the power of the bean.

also, happy mother’s day.

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