4 Reasons Why Coffee is Good for the Soul

experiential divinity in a bean.

Nicole Diane Parker

If you know me at all, and possibly if you don’t know me, you’re aware that coffee runs in my veins.  I’m a complete addict.  There’s something about a Cup o’ Joe that really gets my blood pumping.  I was asked today why I love coffee so much, so I’ve been racking my brain for a good answer.  My immediate answer was to sarcastically say something like “Because if I don’t drink it, I’ll stop breathing,” but I’ve come up with some more solid reasons to love coffee and I thought I’d share them.

  1. Friends don’t let friends drink coffee alone. There are a few things I love to do when I meet friends: 1- Drink (there’s nothing like a good margarita at happy hour!)  2- Hike (fresh air, exercise, and good company! What’s better?) 3- Grab coffee.  Meeting a friend for coffee is a great way to sit down with…

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