though there are controversies i’ve talked about regarding the origin of coffee and who owns its brilliance, strong evidence supports that coffee was first consumed by the muslims of arabia and the north african region. at that time, many traders used to sell various stuff among the arabic regions, africa, europe and other portions of the world. it is assumed that during this trade, coffee came to europa! european coffee history interests me greatly, its my favourite place to travel, and the bean experience ranges from spectacular to really shit, so its always interesting. leonhard rauwolf – a cherman botanist and physician – first wrote some stuff about drinking coffee in 1573 during the reign of ottoman aleppo. though coffee faced ban in some regions of arabia and africa by the religious leaders who probably had secret stashes of doom, the bans were all abandoned in the course of time. in europe pope clement viii approved drinking coffee for catholics in 1600, despite the demand of banning coffee by many religious hardcore types. everything awesome must stand the test of the zealots I guess.

the earliest european coffee house was established at venice in italy in 1645. later in austria, coffee-drink entered the city following the win at the battle of vienna against the turks. In the spirit of sharing the awesomeness of coffee the beans were supplied by the defeated turks to the austrians. coffee heals. the first big coffee house was opened in 1683 in vienna by jerzy franciszek kulczycki. the foamy coffee – brewed bean blended with hot milk and water – was referred to as ‘melange’, I call it yum. coffee in vienna is today, still yum.

in germany, coffee-drink was initially termed as ‘coffee’, later the term ’kaffee‘ originating from the french term ‘café’ replaced it. coffee was initially served in the sea ports after it’s launch in northern germany. more specifically, coffee was first traded in bremen and hamburg in 1673 and 1677 respectively. the german elites started bean fascination around 1675, and the first coffee house was established for the general public at berlin in 1721.

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