why all the hate haters ?!? english coffee

reading stuff i see a pretty common thread.

the church had a beef with the bean pretty hard almost everywhere, at one time or another.

as with the spread of my beloved coffee to europe the journey of coffee to the uk was again stimulated by the travelling merchants keen to capitalise on the awesomeness. like the rest of the world admiration for coffee quickly spread over england as a refreshing drink, for some reason i am picturing it being drunk cold, like iced tea, but that’s most likely just something to do with my environment, and/or colonial servitude. british merchants of course were in wide distribution of coffee, but another group the renowned dutch‘east india company’ had a great contribution in the 16th century giving drinkers a nice variety. exploring  the history of coffee, it seems the earliest coffee house was opened at oxford’s queen lane in england in 1654 by pasqua rosée, who was a servant of turkish goods trader daniel edwards. by 1675, around 3000 Coffee-houses were established throughout the country. however, during 1660-1670 a group of religious persons forced the authority to ban coffee drinking in england, especially for women. what the hell guys. as a consequence of the religious and political turmoil, charles ii crushed a coffee house in 1675. in the course of time, the serious folly of the ban on coffee was realised and removed, coffee again infected the people with it’s refreshing quality.

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