kaldi. word. goatherd.

despite the claims to facts that many historians espouse regarding where coffee was first discovered, and let’s face it who really cares shut up and keep sipping now – there is convincing evidence that coffee beans had been first used in ethiopia and later, those were exported to yemen by the traders. that’s great, but of interest to the discovery of coffee-beans in ethiopia, there goes a popular legend that kaldi – a goat-herder living in highland ethiopian forests – first noticed the stimulating impact of coffee beans. later, this drink won admiration in the monasteries. while historians believe this a myth i kinda dig the story. in much the same way you can imagine the first people to sample alcohol or taste psychedelic mushrooms would have been suprised but happy with their discovery, i like to imagine similar things about kaldi. what a dude, just chillin with the beans. and what did he do, took it to some other dudes, so they could notice the stimulating impact too. coffee-fest.

from what i can find the myth tells that one day kaldi had noticed the vigorous impact on his goat-herd after nibbling on the bushes of bright-red colored berries. now i had a bit of time on a farm as a child, and in my experience, sober goats already have some strange things wired into their circuitry. curiously, kaldi tried out some of the fruits himself. this tickles me, ‘hmmmm my goats are acting all crazy-like, i’m gonna eat what they’re eating!!’

later, he took the berries to a monastery in close proximity and the monks threw those berries into the fire with great disapproval, haters gonna hate. the roasted coffee-beans spread out beguiling aroma, and afterwards a pretty inspired monk-dude soaked the beans in hot water within the monastery and thus, the first coffee of the history was prepared unknowingly, and the bean won it’s first victory over the haters. the monks used to drink the coffee-drink to get energy for remaining alert in their night-long religious activities and prayers, so the story goes.

today kaldi coffee is a popular brand of bean globally, while i’d like to think it is the legacy of the original coffee dude, i’m pretty sure he didn’t get fat from the spoils.

time for another cup.

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