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it’s been a little while. excuse me as i clearly stole this picture.


hiatus. a little overstimulated from the bags of green beans that arrived at my house a couple of months ago…

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Being a Coffee Shop Kid


All These Words In My Mind.

*This piece was published in the Freestyle section of Lancaster Newspapers on Sunday, May 4, 2014.

My dad drank orange juice every morning. He never liked coffee. It was my mom who drank the coffee. I would come downstairs in the mornings to her pouring the dark liquid into her mug, pairing it with cream and sugar. But not my dad, he would be faithfully sipping his orange juice.

My dad did want to be his own “boss” though. He was always looking for new ideas and new prospects. One weekend, he went on a conference with the golf course where he was a superintendent. While there, he was introduced to the concept of freshly roasted coffee. This was the first coffee that he actually enjoyed. His first sips were a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I remember him bringing some of this coffee home. It was in a…

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sad day

i can’t say which day in particular this was, but i managed to steep a completely superior brew from a pod machine, than what is served in the cafe that occupies the ground floor of my work place. this was a sad day. it saddens me for many reasons, mostly because i knew this all along, but i was internalising. yep, i would push that feeling of disappointed tastebuds way down to the pit of my gut each sip. as most will attest, you can’t just bottle these things up, they will explode someday. i feel i have now reached and breached that point. i won’t even begin to whinge about the price of this bucket of fermented goat yoghurt, and instead i will just furnish this blog with the joys of my coffee journey, sharing a little of what i learn, and entertaining myself with much coffee .

so i know what i like, i like ONA coffee, they are the most amazing coffee in my home town, i know that they go to great lengths sourcing direct trade/single origin beans… they serve a pretty rockin bacon ‘n egg roll too… but at the core of it all i must now ask myself, why do i like this coffee?

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