espressionist period.

espresso is a popular coffee round the world. it is brewed through pressurizing nearly boiling (95 degree celcius) water along with crushed coffee beans. espresso coffee is normally thicker containing a rich concentration of dissolved solids along with that sublime foamy layer in the top. an electric pump is gernerally used in this coffee-maker to generate pressure.

turning back to the history of espresso coffee making, i am told that angelo moriondo invented a steam-driven “instantaneous” coffee maker in turin, italy 1884. milanese luigi bezzera made considerable improvements to that coffee-maker in 1901 and claimed that the machine was able to produce and serve coffee drink immediately. bezzera got the patent of this coffee-maker in 1902, which was purchased by desiderio pavoni, the founder of “la pavoni” company. pavoni started the industrial production and sale of this espresso coffee-maker from milan. and that right there is where the course of history, the evolution of mankind, and the daily period of time known as morning changed forever.

espresso is an effective base for many other beverages, like caffè macchiato, caffè latte, caffè americano, cappuccino, cafe mocha, etc. it all is relative to the type of motorcycle you ride. espresso is widely served after blending with milk, presumably but not exclusively hot. moreover espresso is now also used in my morning smoothie; containing a banananana, some ice cubes, some protein powder, probably milk, and some other stuff. there are many iced beverages sold that contain an espresso shot, and in the hot varieties the changes in ratio of milk to water, or process steps of getting the coffee and milk to blend, use of creamer, milk substitutes, and other additives is well documented with cute names and inexhaustible in scope… and enough to drive one batty when travelling, half the fun of course.

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Gulp! New coffee prices due to big dry will be hard to swallow

i keep seeing this story . . . some perspective is needed though…. unfortunately the lowest cost in your cup costing is the green bean . . . still, i did just start roasting my own….


Gulp! New coffee prices due to big dry will be hard to swallow.

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nerds gonna nerd (the siphon)

‘siphon’ or ‘vac pot’ or ‘syphon’ is a vacuum coffee making instrument featuring two chambers, where the coffee is prepared through the combination of vapor pressure and vacuum. loeff invented this coffee making instrument in the 1830s at berlin in germany. this also happens to be my favourite city in the world, so we win on many counts here. siphon coffee makers have world-wide admiration for their capacity to brew a very refreshing beverage, but also have seen use in producing broths and cocktails by some of the world’s more adventurous chefs, due to it’s molecular mixing qualities.

siphon coffee makers are available in a range of designs, materials and compositions. they also occasionally present themselves as a creative outlet for depressed glass blowers.

siphon coffee brewing operates through the scientific principals of pressure and gravity. in the early siphons the water wass kept under hydrostatic pressure and due to this pressure, ummmm ….. oh who cares, it is basically a case of because science, and pressure differential, and removing of the environmental variables, and boom! exquisite coffee! give it a try, with a cleansed palate.

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Lux Foundry (Hope Street, Brunswick)

always packed. always yum.

i *heart* brunch!

25.5.14 Lux Foundry (1)

Lux Foundry is right around the corner from home and was the first place we “brunched” at when we moved to Brunswick, some two years ago. We were so excited that there was such a great brunch location so close to home. We’ve been back a few times since and always intend to return, as there are so many great options on the menu.

Laying in bed this morning checking Facebook, I stumbled across a post from Lux, advising they were changing their menu and that today would be the last opportunity to have their Ricotta and Orange Hotcakes! These have been on my wishlist for quite a while and I just had to get over there and try them before they were removed from the menu!! So I recruited my favourite brunch buddy, S, and off we went.

By our usual standards, we showed up fairly late at 11am…

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palomino espresso, wynyard

i love that, the fleeting bus window oh there’s coffee maybe this is the coffee of destiny coffee i must visit this place anticipation!! nice.

Sketch That

There is a cafe that my bus goes past, which has always caught my eye. Mainly due to the fact that it has a golden horse decal on the window. Nothing like something shiny to draw your attention.

So after a year of it being on my list, I finally ate there a couple of months ago. It was a quick breakfast the day before I started my first day of work.

Palomino replaced ‘Cupcakes on York’ if I’m not mistaken…in any case, it replaced a shop that sold cupcakes. It is extremely busy with the morning business crowd, and equally so during lunch. However, it was fairly easy getting a table around 9 or so.

large flat white - $4 large flat white – $4

A nice little heart to go with a very nice coffee.

bircher muesli with berry compote – $10

I had the bircher muesli which was entirely filling, and made…

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kaldi. word. goatherd.

despite the claims to facts that many historians espouse regarding where coffee was first discovered, and let’s face it who really cares shut up and keep sipping now – there is convincing evidence that coffee beans had been first used in ethiopia and later, those were exported to yemen by the traders. that’s great, but of interest to the discovery of coffee-beans in ethiopia, there goes a popular legend that kaldi – a goat-herder living in highland ethiopian forests – first noticed the stimulating impact of coffee beans. later, this drink won admiration in the monasteries. while historians believe this a myth i kinda dig the story. in much the same way you can imagine the first people to sample alcohol or taste psychedelic mushrooms would have been suprised but happy with their discovery, i like to imagine similar things about kaldi. what a dude, just chillin with the beans. and what did he do, took it to some other dudes, so they could notice the stimulating impact too. coffee-fest.

from what i can find the myth tells that one day kaldi had noticed the vigorous impact on his goat-herd after nibbling on the bushes of bright-red colored berries. now i had a bit of time on a farm as a child, and in my experience, sober goats already have some strange things wired into their circuitry. curiously, kaldi tried out some of the fruits himself. this tickles me, ‘hmmmm my goats are acting all crazy-like, i’m gonna eat what they’re eating!!’

later, he took the berries to a monastery in close proximity and the monks threw those berries into the fire with great disapproval, haters gonna hate. the roasted coffee-beans spread out beguiling aroma, and afterwards a pretty inspired monk-dude soaked the beans in hot water within the monastery and thus, the first coffee of the history was prepared unknowingly, and the bean won it’s first victory over the haters. the monks used to drink the coffee-drink to get energy for remaining alert in their night-long religious activities and prayers, so the story goes.

today kaldi coffee is a popular brand of bean globally, while i’d like to think it is the legacy of the original coffee dude, i’m pretty sure he didn’t get fat from the spoils.

time for another cup.

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Motivating molecules



caffeine physical structure Fascinating teamwork 😉

Coffee. Caffeine. The motivational molecular teamwork printed on canvas 😛

Artprint on sale at

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